Why Towing Your Car To A Mechanic Should Be Done By A Professional

Did you decide to leave your stalled car on the side of the road until you can come back and get it? If you are now trying to find a friend or family member with a sufficient sizedvehicle to tow your car to a mechanic, you mind want to contact a towing company instead. Take a look at the information in this article to find out why you should hire a professional towing company to assist with your situation.

1. Your Car Will Be Safer

One of the benefits of hiring a professional towing company to transport your stalled car is that you won't have to worry about it getting damaged in the process. It is possible for the lower extremities of your car to get damaged if you leave the task to a friend or family member. For instance, when your car is attached to their vehicle, it can bounce around and damage the muffler, wheels or transmission if the person driving does not have the right kind of skills. A professional will be able to safely lift your car onto a flatbed truck to prevent it from making any kind of contact with the ground when it is transported. Your car will also not roll off of the truck, as the wheels will be pinned inside of brackets to keep them stationary.

2. No Waiting for a Friend or Relative

Relying on a friend or family member to transport your stalled car can end up taking a long time before the task is complete. For instance, if you find someone with a sufficient size vehicle for handling the weight of your car, you will then have to wait until he or she has time to assist you. Work, school or other personal obligations can prevent your friend or family member from being able to assist at the specific time that you desire. With a professional towing company, you might be able to get assistance at any time of the day or week, as some of the companies are open 24 hours a day.

3. Your Auto Insurance Might Cover the Fee

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a professional towing company over a friend or family member is that your auto insurance might pay for the service. If you opt for assistance from a towing company, it is possible that no payment will be required upfront. It is also possible for you to get reimbursed by the insurance company after filing a claim if you pay upfront. However, keep in mind that towing coverage will depend on the specific auto insurance policy that you have.

Call a towing company, such as Marv's Quality Towing Inc, for assistance with your stalled car as soon as you can.